Who Am I?

My name is Winter but I go by Casp online. I am a small entrepreneur who makes YouTube videos and loves coding websites, apps, games, and more. My favorite food is orange chicken and my least favorite food would have to be fish and eggs. I've been through a lot in my 19 years of being on this planet from getting sent away to hospitals for my mental health, to getting bullied every day at school. I try to forget about all of the bad things in life from coding new projects everyday.

When Did I Start YouTube?

I started YouTube in 2011 when I wanted to become famous from doing very little so I made my first video called "Winter's epic fail on Ice" where I was ice skating and falling on down for no reason hoping to get a viral video. I've had a few YouTube channels over the years and the only one that got over 500 subscribers is my Casp channel and I'm very greatful to have the amount of subscribers I do now. Thank You.

How Did I Start Coding?

The first time I decided to learn how to code was one day that I skipped math class to hide in a stairwell. Whilst I was in there, I looked up how to code a Cydia Alternative and the first thing that popped up was a video by the one and only Billy Elis. I watched that video and was instantly intreaged. I practiced for about a year and now im here doing bigger things. Thanks Billy!